I wanna pierce the pink of you and see how

it all drips out, it's all of you in the skin of

a thousand oranges as if that pulp will

protect you, protect your potion and being,

let it juice and drip so effortlessly while a

jet black, black, black coat hangs off the

shoulders so reposed and so fucking gently.

I'm a tooth guy, I'm into it and want to talk

about that, I want to talk about how your

fetid smile makes me feel like hot plaque

roasting in a fevering mouth, makes me feel

like a small god, like I'm in charge of quiet

but only until after sunset, it's like the veins

of a sundial are falling apart and I am enough

of a reason to shut the whole city down, shut

the whole neighborhood down, shut the whole

street down and black out the sky, it's forever.


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