In Entirety

understanding a desire for lawlessness

when there's enough space left to un-govern:

houses strewn with snow, built

in an effigy of unwed wind--it's breadth

speaks in such a terse ostinato--piercingly,

she says it's been enough time between

cities, she says there's going to be something

grave tonight, says she's going to a show

and she doesn't, but she says she did

it's softer that way, languid

and so very becoming. our legs look long

in a place without sewers, city tunnels

for the sickly creeping vanish in this place.

vanish is a word for city widows, vanish

is a place I'd go to in the bible, is a light

and irresponsibly vacant state of mind,

is a stop on the highway, is fifteen years of

snowshine, vanish is where I'd go to die

if it fits in the itinerary and out here

I reject the expanse, I resent

the chasm between swaths of highway,

grass lays about the ditch without

a hint of intent, stays there until

we are so turgid and brown I can't breathe,

I can't breathe, I won't on purpose. I said

the terror I feel in this place is ineffable,

it came out as I'm fine with a wash of fear.

it came out as dead eyes and no heart.

so I said to this place--

swallow my name, I'll be home soon.

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